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Mornington Peninsula

  • Surfer at Bushranger Bay, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

Celebrate Mornington Peninsula's spectacular beaches by hitting the surf. Tackle the waves on your own if you have the skills or with an instructor if you're a grommet.

Learn from the pros
Marvel as seasoned surfers dance across waves with nonchalant ease, and then tackle the wild waters yourself on a surfboard after a lesson on the beach. Let qualified instructors teach you the techniques for catching a wave and do your best to stand up before it's time to go.

Stand up paddle boarding
Try something new, get up close to marine life and work on your fitness all in the one day. Glide over the calm waters of Port Phillip Bay, catch a wave or take a marine tour on a stand up paddle board. Never heard of it? Get lessons from instructors all down the peninsula, from Frankston to Flinders, Dromana and Portsea.

Gentle swells and wild waves
Don't be fooled by the calm bay beaches with never-ending shorelines. Head around to the peninsula's ocean side and you'll find a beach to suit your experience, from the gentler Sorrento waters to the sometimes fierce waves off Gunnamatta. For consistent breaks take your board to the ocean beaches at Point Leo, Flinders, Portsea and Sorrento.

The waters can be packed during summer, but you can be lucky and enjoy a beach to yourself during the cooler months.