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Whisky wander


  • Whisky trail, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Start underground at Nant 1821 Distillers Bar & Restaurant where Tasmanian single malts share billing with whisky cocktails and whisky-friendly food. It's a short walk to handsome Boilermaker House where 850 whisky bottles gleam above the bar. The choice is just as alluring at cosy and welcoming Classy cocktail bar 1806 has a soft spot for whisky and serves curious whisky and cheese matches. Duck into laneway Eau de Vie where the passion for whisky runs deep, then head to Whisky Den where friendly waiters love chatting about the stuff. To round off your whisky wander, book in for a tour and tasting at Port Melbourne's dynamic Starward Whisky Distillery where you can follow the production process all the way from grain silo to your glass. You'll need to hop in a cab to get there. 2km plus cab to Starward

  1. Nant 1821 Distillers Bar & Restaurant
    Whisky heaven in what was Melbourne's oldest money order office.
  2. Boilermaker House
    World-class whisky coupled with flavour enhancing meat or cheese.
  3. 1806
    A loving shrine to the cocktail.
  4. Eau De Vie
    Hidden behind an unmarked door, rare and exclusive whiskies await.
  5. Whisky Den
    Back-alley speakeasy.
  6. Starward Whisky Distillery
    Distillery and bar in one.