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Richmond trail


  • Richmond trail, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Start with a modern Thai breakfast and coffee at Oneyada or boat noodles at Jinda Thai (they're run by the same family). Keep the soup theme rolling with ramen and a craft beer at Shizuku before prowling the aisles at massive Asian grocery store Minh Phat. Back on Victoria Street, Thanh Ha 2 is great for banh xeo (rice pancakes) while Nhu Lan does some of Melbourne's best banh mi (baguettes). Everyone has a favourite pho (noodle soup) place: I Love Pho is passionately beloved. That's a lot of eating! On Wednesday and Fridays from 5pm Mountain Goat brewery opens its doors: you're a 1.7 km (approx. 20 min) stroll from beer heaven. 3km

  1. Oneyada
    Jinda Thai's simple breakfast joint.
  2. Jinda Thai
    Low cost, high quality traditional Thai fare.
  3. Shizuku
    Ramen and beer perfection.
  4. Minh Phat
    Asian supermarket behemoth.
  5. Thanh Ha 2
    Don't miss the banh xeo.
  6. Nhu Lan
    Melbourne's best banh mi.
  7. I Love Pho 264
    Revolutionary pho at its best.
  8. Mountain Goat Brewery
    Explosion of excellent craft beers.