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Curtin House & Nicholas Building


  • Blindside Gallery. Nicholas Building, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The city's Curtin House and Nicholas Building have been characterised as vertical laneways, boasting the requisite boutiques, bars and eateries, but both adding distinctly quirky, stamps to the scene.

The magic lifts in the Nicholas Building will miraculously take you back in time. Time your visit with an Open Studio day and reel at their revelations as you're delivered to floor after floor of studios, galleries and curiosities. Check out the surprises in store at Blindside artist-run gallery.

Work your way down from the rooftop bar Curtin House to spy on creative studios, wine and dine at Cookie, catch gigs at the Toff in Town and spend your hard-earned on threads from Someday and Bul and specialty books from Metropolis.