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Crossley Street

Crossley Street

  • Poster art in front of a sign for Von Haus in Crossley Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

There's great comfort to be had in knowing places like Crossley Steet still exist, with the venerable Pellegrini's standing guard over long-term tenants and rotating newcomers plying everything from bespoke shirts to vintage curios.

Orientate yourself over an espresso from Pellegrini's, peruse Paperback Books, lose yourself among vintage collectibles De Mille and squeeze into Romeo Lane for a cocktail.

Fancy fellas can collar Charles Edward, Master Shirtmaker, or C. Maimone Tailor for some tailored threads, and ladies can dress up in designer dresses from Blonde Venus and display jewels at Gallery Funaki.

Choose your dining style with hatted fine dining at Becco, fuss-free Italian at Pellegrini's and Asian street food dripping with style at Gingerboy.