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Geelong & the Bellarine

  • Swimming at Eastern Beach, Geelong and the Bellarine, Victoria, Australia

From Geelong's waterfront to quiet bayside beaches along the peninsula, there are plenty of places to cool off during the summer months and take long walks along the sand in the wintertime. 

Family friendly
Relax at Geelong's historic Eastern Beach Swimming Enclosure. Hit the slides and diving platforms and splash into the sheltered waters of Corio Bay, which has long been a favourite with locals and visitors. The sandy bayside beaches on the Bellarine Peninsula also offer shallow tranquil water that is ideal for a relaxing swim.

Ocean swell
Just beyond The Rip, around Point Lonsdale, bay calm surrenders to the untamed waters of Bass Strait. The swell is at its strongest on the Point Lonsdale back beach and Thirteenth Beach near Barwon Heads but the waves tend to mellow before they break on Ocean Grove shores.

Furry friends
Keen to see some local wildlife on your travels? Sign up for a swim with dolphins and seals on a special charter service on Port Phillip Bay.